We make holidays special at the Punch Bowl . . .
Our traditional homemade goods are the true meaning of family holidays.

No summer long weekend barbecue is complete without the addition of our great salad bar.  For a full list of our salads, see salad bar section of the web site.


All the wonderful tastes of fall harvest.  Very popular during this holiday is our:

Pumpking pie
Apple pie
Pecan pie

Also Available:

Pumpkin nut loaf plain or with cream cheese icing

Ordering early is a good idea to ensure you get exactly what you want!


Our market transforms for the Christmas season.  Aside from all our usual treats, we have a huge selection of traditional Christmas cookies just like mom used to make:

Whipped shortbread
Nut Crescents
Almond Butter Cookies
Hermit Cookies
Belgian Cookies
And many more . . .

Christmas Gifts

Each year our Christmas gift selection gets larger and our customers love it!  From kids to adults, we have a unique selection that pleases even the hard to buy for loved one.

Christmas Gallery

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