Garden Centre

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Fill your garden with colour from the garden centre

The Punch Bowl Garden Centre and greenhouse is a busy place in the spring and summer. The centre is filled with a wide array of high quality plants. We offer a variety of bedding plants, hanging baskets, perennials, annuals, herbs, potted plants, and everything you need to create a beautiful garden.

We are here to help! Please ask questions, we will help get you started and find what you are looking for.

specialise in container gardening and hanging baskets, patio tomatoes, Boston ferns, herbs, heirloom tomatoes. We also have pre-arranged patio planters in a variety of shapes sizes and colours or styles. We source from a variety of suppliers and find specialists of particular plants and flowers that way we can pick the best quality from the best producers.

Hanging baskets are available for the whole summer into late August as long, if you go away for summer holidays and come back to a scorched hanging basket collection we are here to help you replace them in the late summer.

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