Fine Gourmet Foods

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Fine gourmet foods

The Punch Bowl Market offers a great choice of special gourmet foods and sauces. Our gourmet foods and sauces give the perfect added touch to that special dinner, barbeque, or party; or to simply treat yourself and family. These items also make for great, affordable gifts.

We offer such products as real maple syrup, fine oils and vinegars, special barbeque sauces, local jams/preserves, gourmet jellies, and crackers.

We also stock premium soda and pop brands, such as Coca-Cola in glass bottles, Stewart’s Original Fountain Classics and Boylan Bottling Co.

Our choice of special sauces includes brands such as Acropolis oils, Jack Daniel’s and Budweiser barbeque sauces, and Tracy’s Wine Jellies from Niagara On The Lake.
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