Pick-up Reservations now available

   Pick-up Reservations now available

We are happy to announce Pick-up reservations now available, and just in time for Thanksgiving!

The Punch Bowl Market & Bakery website is now accepting Pick-up Reservations for Cakes and Pies.

To ensure that you have the cakes and pies you need for this years’ festivities, simply add your Punch Bowl Bakery favourites to the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout to complete your reservation.

There is no need to give us your home address, we only require some basic contact information to get your reservation ready for you.

Be sure to fill in the “Reservation Pick-Up Date”, found on the Reservation Submission (Checkout) page. We will have your order ready for you at the Punch Bowl Market & Bakery.




Pick-up Reservations now available for cakes


Pick-up Reservations now available for pies


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